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  • All courses are Bible based including our denominational "belief's" inserted.
  • There are some text books etc available, but EMHBA does not receive anything for them or sell them.
  • The courses range from lessons on each book of The Bible and class attendance each week is important.
  • We do ask that as a student you sign up for our Yahoo Group, to receive notices, and  have fellowship      
    with other students. All students are together from the seminary and the academy as well in this way our
    senior students can help others.

EMHBA study is a no-nonsense, serious Bible course for the person who really wants to know and understand
God's word.

EMHBA we will tell you the difference between the gospels and the historic events.
Attention our
Bible Study Program will include parts or complete own catechism to differentiate us from any
other studding program offered on TV, the Net or elsewhere.

We are a Faith based, non-profit corporation, totally supported by the
donations of our partners and supporters.
Eric Michel Ministries International is involved in numerous ministries, all for the glory of God, and to further
His Word. We have never pay any person for any work done for the Lord. We truly believe the God will provide
for the needs of those that do His will, and know He has and will continue to provide the needs of our ministries
in addition we firmly believe that we all must be good stewards of what God entrusts us with, using wisely the
resources and funds that He provides for His work. Our fees are to cover the facility location and maintenance.
All classes have to include a minimum of
20 students.

Free Bible Lessons
All Courses in a small groups, 5 to 7 students, are Free and done in a private home, each week we choose a
host among our students.

There is no cost involved for the lessons not even for your attestations, we believe in making biblical
foundations available to everyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of God and the
Bible outside a
ormal setting. The free small group lessons are exactly the same as the larger group but we do not go as
deeply in our teaching. The large group could be a step before being a student at the

When you will host a
Bible study in your home and if you have children, in that case an afternoon study
may be best, as we won't need to worry about getting home or putting the kids to bed. If there are several
students with children, we may want to find a couple of teenagers who would  be willing to baby-sit for a
few hours while you hold the Bible study group.

We will start each session off with a meal or snack. Everybody bring a dish to pass to cut down expenses.
Or it could be serving something simple like coffee and desserts.
Before the snack we will have a time of prayer and/or singing.

At the first small group
Bible study meeting, we will have an informal session where we get to know each
other and then ask each person what topic they would like to learn more about.
Many of our curriculum have DVD teachings we will need equipments for this part.
Bible Training lessons are for believers who have just started to learn about the Bible.
We cover many of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith that are necessary for continued
spiritual growth.

Major Themes are studies on the most important topics in Scripture

  1. There are many courses at EMHBA.
  2. These are in-depth selected studies in God's Word.
  3. Our desire is to see the living Word of God transform your life.
  4. They are easy to learn.
  5. All training is associate with the History of the Authors

  • Bible Exploration
  • The Book Of First Peter
  • The Book Of Second Peter
  • The Book Of First Thessalonians
  • The Book Of Second Thessalonians
  • The Book Of First Timothy
  • The Book Of Second Timothy
  • The Book Of First John
  • The Book Of Second John
  • The Book Of Third John
  • The Book Of Acts
  • The Book Of Colossians
  • The Book Of First Corinthians
  • The Book Of Second Corinthians
  • The Book Of Ephesians
  • The Book Of Galatians
  • The Book Of  Hebrews
  • The Book Of James
  • The Book Of Jude
  • The Book Of Philemon
  • The Book Of Philippians
  • The Book Of Romans
  • The Book Of Titus
Gospels & Revelation Small & Large Grp
The New Testament
  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John
  • The Book Of Revelation
The Books Of History
  • The Books Of Poetry
  • The Books Of Prophecy
Biography Small & Large Grp
  • The Footsteps Of The Apostle Paul
Evangelism For Large Grp
  • Intro
  • Good News
  • Ask God
  • Preparation Points to Salvation
  • Lifestyle of the Evangelist   
  • By All Means    
  • Equipped    
  • Signs and Wonders     
  • Heal the Sickness
  • Cast Out Demons
Mission For Large Grp
  • Introduction
  • God’s Plan For The World
  • The Great Commission
  • The Last Command
  • What Is Mission?
  • God's Mission Promise
  • Finishing the Task
  • Unreached Peoples
  • Reaching the Unreached
  • Jesus, God's Missionary
  • Why are the Poor, so Poor?
  • Anointed For the Poor  
Discipleship For Large Grp
  • First Steps
  • Being Sure
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Prayer
  • The Word of God
  • Meditation   
  • Hearing Gods Voice  
  • Worship
  • The Life of Faith
  • Vision
  • Abundant Life
  • Being Like Jesus
  • Holiness
  • Suffering   
  • Authority in the Church     
  • Love
  • The Second Coming
Other courses offered
  • Leadership For Large Grp
  • Church Growth For Large Grp
  • Money For Large Grp
  • TheAltar Counselor
See details page Other Bible Academic Course (With conditions)
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